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Summer 2017

The WTP online application is now available; the submission deadline is January 15, 2017.

Before starting your application, please carefully read the all details on this webpage about the application process, and also visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for additional information about WTP.

Applicants must currently be in the 11th grade of high school. They must attend school in the U.S., or be U.S. Citizens or U.S. Permanent Residents if applying from outside the U.S. See more details here.


Who should apply to WTP?

Female students now in grade 11 who:

  • enjoy problem solving and collaborative learning

  • want to spend 4 summer weeks (when they are rising seniors) challenging their minds, working very hard in an intense academic environment, and making friends with girls from around the U.S. who share their math and science interests and motivation to excel.


Please check our Frequently Asked Questions for more details about WTP.

Admissions Criteria


Sixty participants (40 for EECS and 20 for ME) are selected from a nationwide applicant pool of the top female 11th grade math and science students. We typically receive more than 500 applications.

Students must attend high school in the U.S. (or be U.S. citizens or U.S. Permanent Residents if attending school outside the U.S.).

The primary criteria for acceptance are a strong curiosity about engineering and/or computer science and a demonstrated ability to excel in math and science. Students should be able to handle college-level material at a rapid pace, but should not have completed prior coursework or summer programs in the WTP curriculum. Physics and calculus are not prerequisites (we realize that in many school systems students do not take these courses until Grade 12) but students should be taking the most advanced math and science classes available in their grade level at their high school.

Accepted students must attend WTP for the full four weeks:
June 24, 2017 - July 22, 2017.

WTP admissions decisions will be released at the end of April. We do not have rolling admissions and only make decisions after we have evaluated all applicants. If your plans change so that you would not be able to attend WTP, please send us an email withdrawing your application as soon possible so that we do not spend unnecessary time evaluating your application. Read more about Admissions Decisions below.

We are looking for students who are not yet certain about their future college majors, and who would like to explore engineering and computer science to determine whether these fields might be of interest. WTP classes are ungraded so that students can feel free to stretch themselves and explore new areas of learning, without worrying about a grade. However, we do expect students to work hard and make the most of this opportunity; we pack a great deal of material into the short 4 weeks, including a full load of evening and weekend homework and project work. WTP is not a "summer camp" but an intense academic experience.

There are two separate WTP curriculum tracks: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS) and Mechanical Engineering (ME). Students will be accepted to only ONE track. We don’t expect you to know enough about engineering disciplines yet to have a preference, in which case the admissions committee will choose what we think is the best fit.

The WTP-EECS track is for students with no prior background in computer programming . Check our FAQ CS question question to determine if you have too much CS experience and are therefore not eligible to apply for WTP-EECS. Students with too much prior CS who are not eligible for the EECS track can still apply to the ME track if interested in Mechanical Engineering, but must select “Only ME” as their curriculum track preference in the online application. 

Applicants to WTP should have high grades in all their high school classes (predominantly A's), and be taking the most advanced classes in science and math (appropriate for their grade level) offered at their schools.

Applicants are accepted based on the strength of their math and science grades, evaluations by a math and a science teacher, personal essays, and scores on the PSAT, SAT, or ACT, or math and science AP or SAT Subject tests. We do not expect students to have taken all of these tests!

Note that standardized tests are not a requirement for acceptance to WTP, and we will still consider your application without these scores.

Although we ask you to tell us about all of your scores, we will focus on your highest scores. PSAT math scores of accepted students in past years have typically been in the 80%-99% percentile range for high school juniors taking the test.

It has come to our attention that there is inaccurate information about how WTP selects students on other websites not affiliated with WTP. Unfortunately, WTP has no way to take down or correct this wrong and misleading information. Please Do NOT believe anything about WTP admissions criteria and our selection process that you read on other websites. For the correct information read this page and our FAQ or email your question directly to WTP if you do not find the answer there.

NOTE: WTP is not connected in any way to MIT undergraduate admissions. WTP has very different acceptance criteria than MIT. In many cases students are not accepted to WTP because they have already covered some or all of the WTP curriculum, or have had previous in-depth exposure to engineering, so spending four weeks at WTP will not expose them to new material or opportunities. Acceptance or non-acceptance to WTP has no bearing whatsoever on a student's chances of future acceptance by MIT.

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Program Fees

There is no fee to apply to WTP.

If you are admitted, the standard fee to attend in summer 2017 is $3,500, which covers all classes, room and board. However, we DO grant fee waivers and discounts based on family income.

If you want to be considered for a fee waiver or discount, be sure to answer "Yes" to the question in the Fee Waiver Request Form of the WTP online application, and provide us with information about your family's income range.

Families with annual incomes less than $90,000 receive a FULL FEE WAIVER - YOU ATTEND WTP FOR FREE.

Families earning between $90,000 to $130,000 pay a $1,750 FEE.

Families earning more than $130,000 per year pay a $3,500 FEE. This "full fee" is actually less than half the real cost per student, thanks to the generous support of WTP sponsors.

If you have special circumstances that would make it difficult for you to pay the fee listed above for your income level, please apply for financial assistance in the Fee Waiver Request form of the online application and describe your special circumstances. We will work with families with special circumstances whose income is greater than these guidelines to ensure that you can attend WTP no matter what your financial situation.

Students are expected to provide their own transportation to and from WTP, but students with full fee waivers may request assistance with travel costs if needed.

Our goal is that all admitted students be able to attend WTP regardless of their family financial situation.

If you do not qualify for a WTP fee waiver or discount, you may also want to investigate whether your local school system or organizations (such as Mu Alpha Theta) can provide you with grants for summer math or science activities.

We do not look at financial assistance requests until after we have made WTP Admissions decisions (application reviewers do not have access to this information). If you are admitted in April, we will request a copy of your parent's 1040 Federal Tax Return to confirm that you qualify for a waiver or discount.


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Apply to WTP

The 2017 WTP application uses an online service called SlideRoom.

Click HERE to create your login account and start your application. Please read the directions inside the application carefully, and visit our FAQ for answers to questions you may have as you complete the application.

There are many parts to the WTP application:

* Forms: Short answer questions about your previous coursework, activities, test scores, demographics, and also 4 essay questions.

* Attachments (3):
1) High School Transcript - Grades 9 through 10 : Upload a .pdf of your high school transcript for Grades 9-10. This can be an UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT or Report Card. It must contain your full name, your school name, and the school address. The size limit is 10MB. You may need to get assistance from your school registrar or guidance counselor to obtain this document and create a .pdf file. The document must be in English. If this report also contains your fall semester Grade 11 course grades (not just a list of courses in progress) please upload it a second time as the Grade 11 Fall Report (Attachment #2).

2) High School Transcript - Grade 11 Fall Report : Upload a .pdf showing your Grade 11 fall grades (this can be one quarter, or the full fall semester, depending on what is available). This can be an UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT or Report Card, but it must contain your full name, your school name, and the school address. The report must show your course grades (not just list courses you are taking). The document must be in English. The size limit is 10MB. If this report is not available when you submit your WTP application, please upload a note saying you do not yet have the report (since you cannot leave this attachment slot empty). As soon as your Grade 11 report becomes available, email it to wtp-app@mit.edu so we can add it to your submitted application.

3) Score Reports - Test Score Confirming Documents : You must verify all test scores (PSAT, SAT, ACT, Math and Science SAT Subject or AP) you list in the WTP application by attaching your score reports. These can be scanned from paper or captured from online screen shots. NOTE that your FULL NAME MUST BE VISIBLE on the pages or screen shot with your scores.

Combine all of your score reports into one .pdf document and upload. Size limit: 10MB. There are free online sites where you can merge .pdf files into one document and also convert other file formats (.png, .tif, .jpg) to .pdf documents. If you are unable to merge all of your scores into one document we have provided two additional score report attachment sites in the application.

Here are some examples of score reports we accept for PSAT, SAT, ACT (we are not able to show you examples of online score report screen shots).

*Teacher References: (1 Math and 1 Science). DO NOT ASK THEM TO WRITE A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION. Instead, your References will COMPLETE AN ONLINE FORM with specific questions. Please print the attached Guidelines for Teacher Evaluation and give to your Math and Science teacher when they agree to serve as a reference for you. When you add them as a Reference to your application they should receive an email invitation to complete an online form in one session. If your teachers do not receive the email, have them check their spam file, and also make sure the email you listed for them in your application is correct (no typos). If they are still not receiving the email, contact SlideRoom directly for technical support.

The Math and Science Teachers will answer questions about your class performance and teamwork. If you are not sure which math and science teachers to ask, read the answer to this question on our FAQ page: http://wtp.mit.edu/faq.html#Q14.

DO NOT ask a Computer Science Teacher to be a Reference. We find information from a science teacher who teaches classes in physics, biology, or chemistry (or is a science or robotics team coach) or from a math teacher who teaches algebra, pre-calculus, geometry, calculus, or statistics (or is a math team coach) much more useful for admissions decisions. Remember, if you have taken Computer Science classes you are not eligible to apply to the WTP-EECS curriculum track.

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When you submit your WTP application through SlideRoom you will receive an automatic confirmation by email. However, your application is not complete until we receive both of your Teacher References and your fall Grade 11 transcript.

1) Make sure the 2 Teachers have received the Reference request email, and that they complete their forms. Double check that you correctly entered their email addresses. You can see if their forms have been submitted from your WTP application account. Log into your application and click on the word "Completed" in the left column.

If your Teachers have not submitted by the January 23, 2017 Reference deadline, please ask them to do so as soon as possible in order to complete your application to WTP.

2) If you did not yet have your fall Grade 11 course grades when you submitted your application, you MUST EMAIL your fall 2016 Grade 11 report as soon as it becomes available to wtp-app@mit.edu.

3) If you receive additional test scores after submitting your application , email your score report or screen shot to wtp-app@mit.edu and we will add them to your application. NOTE that your FULL NAME MUST BE VISIBLE on the pages or screen shot with your scores. Size limit: 10MB.


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Admissions Decisions

WTP admissions decisions will be emailed at the end of April to your WTP SlideRoom application email address.

We do not have rolling admissions and only make decisions after we have evaluated all applicants.

If your plans change so that you would not be able to attend WTP, please send us an email withdrawing your application as soon possible so that we do not spend unnecessary time evaluating your application. If you have an offer from another program in early April and need to respond before our admissions decisions are released, please email us to enquire about your status. We may be able to give you a decision then (but not before April 1).


If you have additional questions about appying to WTP, we suggest you check our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers before contacting our office by email at wtp@mit.edu.

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