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We expect to have information about summer 2022 on this page by the beginning of December 2021. We do not yet know whether the program will be a virtual online program (as it was in summer 2021) or if we can return to the previous residential format on the MIT campus.

Who should apply to WTP?

High school students now in grade 11 who:

  • enjoy problem solving and collaborative learning

  • want to focus for 4 summer weeks exclusively on learning about engineering and computer science in an intense academic environment

WTP is a women-focused program aimed at empowering students from groups that are historically underrepresented in engineering.

We strongly encourage students from the following backgrounds to apply:

  • Underrepresented in science and engineering, such as African American, Hispanic, or Native American

  • Underserved, defined as coming from low socioeconomic means, which may be indicated by qualifiying for free/reduced school lunch

  • Potentially the first family member to attend college

  • Absence of science or engineering degrees in family

  • Coming from a rural or predominantly minority high school with limited access to STEM classes and activities

Accepted students must be able to participate in all WTP required activities for the full four weeks.

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions and Calendar for more details about WTP.

Admissions Criteria

We expect to select up to forty participants for WTP 2022 (20 for EECS and 20 for ME) from a nationwide applicant pool of the top 11th grade math and science students. Historically we receive 380-650 applications each year.

All WTP applicants must live in the U.S. year round (your permanent family home address is in the U.S.). See the FAQ about residency for more details.

The primary criteria for acceptance are a strong curiosity about engineering and/or computer science and a demonstrated ability to excel in math and science. Students should be able to handle college-level material at a rapid pace, but should not have completed prior coursework or summer programs in the WTP curriculum.

Physics and calculus are not prerequisites (we realize that in many school systems students do not take these courses until Grade 12) but students should be taking the most advanced math and science classes available in their grade level at their high school. Having taken physics of any level (including AP C) does not constitute too much experience for either track. 

We encourage students to apply who are not yet certain about their future college majors, who may have felt discouraged from participation in STEM activities, and who would like to explore engineering and computer science to determine whether these fields might be of interest.

Acceptance decisions are based on several criteria:

  • Your responses in an online application which includes multiple choice and short answer questions as well as three personal essays.

  • High school grades (predominantly A's, especially in math and science). Applicants should be taking the most advanced classes in science and math appropriate for their grade level at their schools.

  • Teacher References: Online Forms completed by one math and one science teacher.

  • We request standardized test scores in the application to provide additional information on your academic preparedness, but they are not a requirement. See the FAQ on standardized tests

It has come to our attention that there is inaccurate information about how WTP selects students on other websites not affiliated with WTP. Unfortunately, WTP has no way to take down or correct this wrong and misleading information. Please Do NOT believe anything about WTP admissions criteria and our selection process that you read on other websites. For the correct information read this page and our FAQ or email your question directly to WTP if you do not find the answer there.

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WTP is not a "summer camp" but an intense academic experience. WTP classes are ungraded so that students can feel free to stretch themselves and explore college level material and new areas of learning, without worrying about a grade. However, we do expect students to work hard and make the most of this opportunity; we pack a great deal of curriculum into the short 4 weeks.

There are two separate WTP curriculum tracks: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS) and Mechanical Engineering (ME). Students will be accepted to only ONE track. We don’t expect you to know enough about engineering disciplines yet to have a preference, in which case the admissions committee will choose what we think is the best fit. For more details see our FAQ about Curriculum Track Selection.

The WTP-EECS track is for students with no prior background in computer programming . Check our FAQ CS question to determine if you have too much CS experience and are therefore not eligible to apply for WTP-EECS. Students with too much CS experience who are not eligible for the EECS track can still apply to the ME track if genuinely interested in Mechanical Engineering (and do not have too much engineering design experience), but MUST select “Only ME” as their curriculum track preference in the online application. 

The WTP-ME curriculum focuses on the engineering design process as used in mechanical engineering. If you have taken an engineering class or had extensive experience with engineering design, you will not be considered for the ME curriculum track. Students with engineering design experience who are not eligible for the ME track can still apply to the EECS track if genuinely interested in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (and do not have too much CS background) but MUST select “Only EECS” as their curriculum track preference in the online application.

See the FAQ about prior experience to help determine if you have too much background in engineering or computer science to apply to WTP.

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No Program Fees for 2022 WTP

WTP 2022 will be entirely FREE: there is no fee for students to attend or apply to the program, whether it is Virtual or Residential.

If we are Residential (in-person on the MIT campus) all students will be provided with free housing and food for the 4 weeks of the program. However, we ask students to provide their own transportation to and from Boston. If this would be a hardship for your family, we may be able to reimburse some of your air, train, or bus cost. Your parents can inquire about this if you are admitted to the program.

In order to ensure that students are able to fully participate in a Virtual WTP, we will send students loaner laptops with the software they need to do their coursework. Students are expected to provide their own internet access (but contact us if you need help with this after admitted).

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Apply to WTP- Summer 2022

We expect the application for summer 2022 to open in early December 2021. The deadline to apply will be January 15th. We do not reopen the application for new students after this date (no exceptions).

The WTP online application consists of:

* Forms:

Short answer questions about your previous coursework, activities, prior experience, and any standardized tests you have taken.

There are also 3 essay questions: each essay must be a minimum of 275 words, a maximum of about 330 words (2000 characters).

* Attachments (3):

1) High School Transcript - Grades 9 through 10 : Upload a .pdf of your high school transcript for Grades 9-10. This can be an UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT or Report Card. The size limit is 10MB. It must contain your full name, your school name, and if possible the school address. The document must be in English.

Many online Grade Reports do not meet these criteria, so you may have to request an unofficial transcript from your school registrar. Do not send us links to your online transcripts; we will not be able to access them.

2) High School Transcript - Grade 11 Fall Report : Upload a .pdf showing your Grade 11 fall grades (this can be one quarter, or the full fall semester, depending on what is available). This can be an UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT or Report Card, but it must contain your full name, your school name, and if possible the school address. The document must be in English. The size limit is 10MB.

The report must show your course grades for at least the first fall quarter of Grade 11 -- NOT just list courses you are taking. If the Grade 9-10 report you previously uploaded also contains your fall semester Grade 11 course grades, please upload it a second time as the Grade 11 Fall Report (Attachment #2).

If you do not yet have a fall junior year Grade Report, or if it does yet have grades for your fall courses, please instead upload a .pdf note as Attachment #2 (you cannot leave this attachment slot empty). The note should say you do not yet have the fall grade report. As soon as your Grade 11 report becomes available, email it to wtp-app@mit.edu so we can add it to your submitted application.

Once you submit the first quarter grades you have completed this requirement.  Please DO NOT send us any additional Grade 11 updates after submitting your application unless you have significant changes in course grades (such as going from a B to an A, or from an A to a B in a science or math class).

3) Score Reports - Test Score Documents: Please upload your score reports for all the tests you listed in the Test Scores Form question. Note that WTP cannot get score reports directly from the College Board or ACT or follow links to your score reports.

Students who have not taken ANY of these tests may still apply to WTP. If you have no score reports, instead upload a .pdf note to the Score Reports Attachment saying you have not taken any of these tests (you cannot leave this attachment slot empty).

Your score reports can be scanned from paper or captured from online screen shots. NOTE that your FULL NAME MUST BE VISIBLE on the pages or screen shot with your scores. Here are some examples of score reports we accept for PSAT, SAT, ACT.

If possible, please combine all of your score reports into one .pdf document. . Size limit: 10MB. If you are unable to merge all of your scores into one document we have provided two additional score report attachment sites in the application.

If you cannot combine your score reports into one .pdf, we have two additional attachment slots in the application where you can upload them.

If after submitting your WTP application you receive additional test score reports with significantly improved scores, you may email them to wtp-app@mit.edu until March 1 and we will add them to your application.

*Teacher Reference Forms Completed Online:

(1 Math Teacher and 1 Science Teacher)

We ask your Teaches to COMPLETE AN ONLINE FORM inside the WTP Application with specific evaluation questions and a place where they can write or upload a letter of recommendation for you.

Teachers have until January 22 to complete these Reference Forms. We will continue to accept References submitted after this date (until March 1), but it will delay evaluating your application.

To give your teachers a preview of what to expect, please send them the link to this Guidelines for Teacher References when you ask them to serve as a WTP Reference. If they agree, add them as a Reference to your application; they should then receive an email invitation to complete an online form (they must complete the form in one session).

If your teachers do not receive the email, have them check their spam file, and also make sure the email you listed for them in your application is correct (no typos). If your teachers still cannot find the email, visit the SlideRoom Applicant Help Center References Help link.

The Math and Science Teachers will answer questions about your class performance and teamwork. If you are not sure which math and science teachers to ask, read the answer to this question on our FAQ page: http://wtp.mit.edu/faq.html#Q14.

DO NOT ask a Computer Science Teacher to be a Reference. We find information from a science teacher who teaches classes in physics, biology, or chemistry (or is a science team or robotics team coach) or from a math teacher who teaches algebra, pre-calculus, geometry, calculus, or statistics (or is a math team coach) much more useful for WTP admissions decisions.

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Confirmations and Completing your Application

When you submit your WTP application through SlideRoom you will see a brief pop up confirmation. However, your application is NOT complete until we receive both of your Teacher References and have your fall Grade 11 transcript (only send your transcript to us if you did not upload it to Attachments).

It is the applicant's responsibility to make sure their application is complete by taking the steps below. WTP does not send out email messages confirming that your application is submitted or complete.

Please do not contact us to add information about awards, competitions, or other activities you have been doing since you submitted your application in January. We do not include updates like this in your WTP application.

To Complete Your Application:

1) Check the status of your Teacher References by logging into SlideRoom -- you can do this even after submitting your application. Click on the word "Completed" in the left column. Talk to your Teachers if they have not completed the online forms, make sure they received the Reference request email. You can check and correct their email addresses, and resend the email reminder to your teacher yourself within SlideRoom even after you submit your part of the application.

If your Teachers have not submitted their References by the Teacher Reference deadline of January 22, please ask them to do so as soon as possible in order to complete your application to WTP. We will accept References after that date, but it delays evaluation of your application. If your teachers cannot find the email, contact SlideRoom directly for technical support at the Help Center link.

2) If you did not have any fall Grade 11 course grades yet when you submitted your application, you MUST EMAIL your fall Grade 11 report as soon as it becomes available to wtp-app@mit.edu. Your application is NOT COMPLETE until we have this information. Once you submit the first quarter grades you have completed this requirement.

Please DO NOT send us any additional Grade 11 updates unless you have significant changes in course grades (such as going from a B to an A, or from an A to a B in a science or math class).

3) If you receive additional test scores with significant score changes after submitting your application, email your score report or screen shot as an attachment to wtp-app@mit.edu and we will add them to your application ONLY until March 1 (we will not accept them after that). NOTE that your FULL NAME MUST BE VISIBLE on the pages or screen shot with your scores. Size limit: 10MB.


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Admissions Decisions

Admissions decisions for Summer 2022 applicants will be emailed in mid-April to the address you provided in your SlideRoom application. Please check your spam folder if you do not see the message in your inbox. If you still cannot find our message, please email WTP.

Admitted students must confirm that they will attend WTP 2022 by the end of April. .

If you have additional questions about appying to WTP, we suggest you check our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers before contacting our office by email at wtp@mit.edu.

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