Women's Technology Program


Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Sponsors and Supporters

Each year the Women's Technology Program must generate significant funding to continue. WTP would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors:


Rodney Brooks
Pappalardo UG
Teaching Lab

Why we need your help

The fee to attend WTP is $3,500 (for students who can afford to pay) but this amount covers less than half of the actual per-student cost of running the program. Rather than charge each student $8,000, we seek donations from our sponsors to help subsidize program costs not covered by the standard fee.

In addition, we waive or discount the standard WTP fee based on family need. This year we have increased the income threshhold so that all students with family incomes less than $120,000 per year attend WTP for free. Our goal is that all admitted students be able to attend WTP regardless of their family financial situation. We would like to make WTP free for all students at some point in the future.

Gifts and grants of all sizes are most welcome! Here are some ways you can become a contributor:

Individual Donors

Click on one of the links at the top of this page to support the Women's Technology Program through a designated gift to WTP-EECS or WTP-ME.

Corporations and Foundations

The Women's Technology Program welcomes funding from corporations and foundations. Representatives from sponsoring organizations are invited to our final banquet to meet the students, and engineers from sponsor companies often participate as guest speakers. To learn more, contact: Cynthia Skier, WTP Director, (617) 253-5580.

Thank you for helping us continue this important outreach to young women!