Women's Technology Program

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WTP 2021 will be a virtual online program, not residential on the MIT campus. See the Calendar and FAQ for more information.

We are planning activities to create a sense of community among WTP students and staff which, while it won’t be the same as it has been when we were in person on the MIT campus, will hopefully still create lasting bonds among program participants.

WTP classes and activities will be taught LIVE (synchronously) Monday – Friday from 10am – 5pm ET. In order to limit Zoom fatigue, there will be frequent breaks, as well as guided hands-on activities using kit materials mailed to students.

Students will have daily homework assignments to work on outside of the live WTP hours. Office hours for homework help from staff may be offered on evenings and weekends. There will also be evening and weekend community building activities that will be required for all participants.

In order to create a strong, inclusive community, all WTP students must have equal access to the virtual WTP program. We will be exploring options for aiding students with limited internet and computer access to ensure they are able to fully participate in all WTP activities.