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Summer 2014

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Three female graduate students in the MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science design and teach the Women's Technology Program classes in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Discrete Mathematics.

Katrina LaCurts
Discrete Mathematics Instructor

Hometown: Pocomoke, MD


Hello!  I am graduating PhD student in computer science.  My research during grad school has involved measuring and improving application performance in a particular type of computer network known as a "cloud network".  Before coming to MIT, I majored in mathematics and computer science at the University of Maryland.  I was the discrete math instructor last year for WTP, and am looking forward to returning this year!  With any luck, one of you will get to dress up as a robot in my class this summer. In my free time, I enjoy playing the guitar and the piano, cooking non-gourmet meals, and running moderate distances very slowly.



Rachel Meyer
Electrical Engineering Instructor

Hometown: Stockton, CA

Hello! I graduated from MIT in 2012 with my SB in EECS. I am currently living in California and finishing up my MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  My research focus has been image processing for iris biometrics.  In the fall I will be starting my Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. Outside of school, I take and teach dance.  This is my first year teaching a class by myself, “creative movement” (pre-pre-ballet) for 3 year-olds.  I also enjoy cooking and baking of all sorts.  This will be my fourth summer with WTP.  I’ve been an EE tutor twice and I was a CS tutor last summer.  I’m very excited to be the EE instructor this summer and I look forward to sharing some of the many facets of EECS with you this summer!


Jessica Wu
Computer Science Instructor

Hometown: Sugar Land, TX


I'm a post-doc in the Computational Biology Group in CSAIL.  My current research is on developing models and algorithms to understand gene evolution, but more generally, my interests lie in applying engineering tools to biological problems.  I also love teaching and have served as a TA or grader for a class every year since my sophomore year in college.

My spare time is usually spent with friends and involves food or Euro-style board games, or when I'm alone, I read or play video games.  I also play the clarinet on occasion, and I enjoy going to musicals or the theater when I get the chance.  I love traveling and want to spend some time traveling around the world now that I've graduated.

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Residential Tutors

Residential Tutors are current female MIT undergraduates, MEng students, or recent MIT graduates. They assist the WTP-EECS Instructors in the classroom, and also live in the dormitory with the high school students, chaperoning residential life, creating fun activities and field trips, and helping with homework.




Laura Gustafson
Computer Science Tutor

MIT Class of 2017
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Moraga, CA

Hi everyone! I'm a rising sophomore majoring in computer science. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In my free time I enjoy shopping, baking, sewing, and relaxing while hanging out with my friends. I'm excited to be a CS tutor and meet all of you this summer!

Hannah Huynh
Electrical Engineering Tutor

MIT Class of 2017
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


Hello everyone!  I've been here in Boston for a year now, but I'm still a California girl at heart with love for the sun, warmth, and waves.  I am a rising sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering.  On campus, I'm a member of MIT's varsity swim team and have enjoyed every moment of the experience!  Off campus, I love exploring the city and eating at new restaurants, drawing and painting, and shopping with friends.  I look forward to meeting all you girls and spending this exciting summer together!


Esther Jang
Discrete Mathematics Tutor

MIT Class of 2014
Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Hometown: New York, NY



Hi all! I'm a graduating senior, an a cappella nerd, an artist, and a cookies with tea enthusiast. I've done research in a lot of different areas, from synthetic biology to information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D)- ask me about them! My primary goal in life is to have an infinite and endless jam session where all of the songs blend into one.



Lisa Liu
Electrical Engineering Tutor

MIT Class of 2014
Major: Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Lexington, MA


Hello there! I'm a graduating senior in electrical engineering. I originally came to MIT with an interest in energy and goal of exploring new materials to help advance the energy revolution! Over the years, though, my interests have gradually shifted towards bio-ee related topics where there are also a lot of awesome things to explore. I spend a lot of my free time playing ultimate frisbee, thinking about ultimate frisbee, or reading about ultimate frisbee. When I'm not learning about electrical engineering or playing ultimate, I enjoy reading and watching sci-fi and fantasy and dabble in the arts of cooking. Can't wait to see you all at MIT this summer! 



Lexi Marshall
Discrete Mathematics Tutor

MIT Class of 2016
Major: Applied Math
Hometown: Glen Head, NY



Hi everyone, I’m Lexi.  I absolutely love being a student at MIT.  As challenging as it is, I enjoy nothing more than being able to learn something new everyday.  I love how we can use math to define the world around us, from physical phenomenon to information theory.  I am a pitcher for the MIT varsity softball team and am extremely competitive in any kind of game.  I am looking forward to a great summer and to meeting all of you!


Suzy Mueller
Computer Science Tutor

MIT Class of 2017
Major: Computer Science and Engineering
Hometown: McLean VA


Hi everyone! I am a rising sophomore majoring in computer science! Outside of coding, I love to play soccer, volleyball, or any sport really. My hobbies include doing yoga, watching movies, attempting to craft, binge watching TV shows, baking, and eating. I am looking forward to meeting all of you and to having an awesome summer!


Grace O'Malley
Computer Science Tutor

MIT Class of 2014
Major: Biology
Hometown: Syosset, NY


Hi girls! I am very excited to work with WTP for the first time this summer. I am a rising senior in biology, with a strong interest in computational healthcare information solutions. I plan on attending medical school one day, so I can deliver babies. One of my favorite experiences at MIT was actually not at MIT, it was spending the summer in Mexico City last year, doing research at a hospital. I am very grateful for the opportunities MIT has afforded me, and the way it has taught me to think, work, and collaborate with my peers. I look forward to meeting you all, I know it will be a memorable seven weeks! We will bond, explore this amazing city, eat lots of good food, and enjoy the warm weather.


Lindsay Sanneman
Electrical Engineering Tutor

MIT Class of 2014
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ



Hi everyone!  I am a graduating senior studying Aerospace Engineering.  As an aerospace engineer, I have encountered electrical engineering and computer science in many of my classes, and I have really enjoyed applying EECS to many of my projects, especially in robotics.  Outside of classes at MIT, I am on the gymnastics team and also enjoy baking, playing board games, and singing karaoke.  Next year I am planning on sticking around MIT to do robotics research in MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL), but first I am so excited to meet all of you and spend an awesome summer of engineering together!



Meena Subramaniam
Discrete Mathematics Tutor

MIT Class of 2014
Major: Computer Science and Molecular Biology
Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA



Hi! I'm a graduating senior (soon to be alum) at MIT, and I'll be attending graduate school in the fall. I'm interested in bioinformatics, which involves applying computer science techniques to studying biological systems.  I'll probably talk your ear off about it! I also enjoy singing a cappella, cooking, and blogging about my recipes.  I can't wait to meet all of you and be one of your residential tutors this summer!


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Residential Assistants

Residential Assistants live in the dorm and help with evening and weekend activities, and assist with the final motor building project, but do not have other classroom or tutoring responsibilities. Residential Assistants attended WTP when they were in high school and are rising sophomores in their summer working for WTP. They help make a warm community in the dorm and they organize residential activities and field trips into Boston and Cambridge.


Mina Blume

MIT Class of 2017
Major: Materials Science and Engineering
Hometown: San Jose, CA

Hey everybody! I'm majoring in Course 3 (Materials Science and Engineering). I attended WTP-EECS after my junior year of high school and I loved it! I met so many new people and am still friends with some of them today. Here at MIT, I am a member of the Festival Jazz Ensemble, the club soccer team, and Cru (a Christian group on campus). In my free time, I love baking and decorating cakes/cupcakes, crocheting, watching movies, doing things outside, eating, doodling, and hanging out with my friends. I'm super excited to meet all of you this summer!!



Hayley Sypniewski

MIT Class of 2017
Major: Earth, Atmosphere and Planetary Science
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH


Hey everyone! I'm a course 12 major (for those not yet adjusted to the MIT numbering system, 12 is Earth, Atmosphere and Planetary Science). In my free time, I play tennis, make my own yogurt, grow cacti in my dorm, and spend a disproportionate amount of time watching animal videos on Youtube. I live at French House so, like Ashley, I have a lot of experience making four course meals. I'm really excited to meet you all! From experience, I can say that this summer will be an amazing experience for you all.



Ashley Wang

MIT Class of 2017
Major: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Hometown: Norcross, GA


Hello! I am a 6-2 Major interested in data visualization, cryptography, and cyber-security. Outside of class, I love exploring Boston, playing the piano, reading, and watching TV shows. I am a freelance coder for the Tech (the MIT newspaper), a member of ChinaCare, and founder of the MIT Mahjong club. I am also a social member of French House where I am learning how to cook fantastical four-course meals. I can't wait to meet you! This summer is going to be LEGEN - (wait for it.......) - DARY!


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WTP Director and WTP-EECS Track Coordinator

Cynthia Skier

MIT alumna: SB 1974, SM 1981
Hometown: Lexington, MA

I have been the WTP Director since fall 2002. Before that I managed computer software companies and worked in management consulting. My two children are "out of the nest." In my free time I like to sing, read mysteries, and watch old movies, especially film noire, musicals and science fiction. In addition to my WTP responsibilities, I also direct the Industrial Connection Program here in MIT EECS.

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