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Summer 2005


Kristen Grauman

Computer Science Instructor
Hometown: Charlotte, NC

I'm a 4th year PhD student in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL), and my research area is computer vision. The basic goal of computer vision is to make computers able to automatically "understand" images and videos, and my current work deals with using local shape and appearance features for object or scene recognition and content-based image retrieval. When I was first exposed to computer science in an intro to programming course in college, I was hooked! So I am very excited to have the opportunity to explore CS with you this summer. I hope you will find it as interesting and rewarding as I do. In my spare time I like to play piano, cook, play basketball, and spend time with my friends.

Corey Kemper

Math Instructor
Hometown: Neenah, Wisconsin

I'm finishing up my 4th year as a graduate student in theMedical Vision Group in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL). We apply computer science techniques to medical imaging data, which fits well with my background in biomedical engineering. Since I've been here, I've worked on applications for image-guided neurosurgery and for studying the regulatory networks that control gene expression in specific types of leukemia. Outside of the lab, I like to read fun novels, knit, play the piano, run, and watch way too much of the food network on TV.

Laura Waller

Electrical Engineering Instructor
Hometown: Kingston , Ontario , Canada

I am a PhD student in the 3D Optics Group, where I work on tiny integrated optical devices. I have been at MIT for five years (getting my SB and MEng in EE), and I'm excited to be able to share my EE expertise! About me: I'm from Canada , I lived in England for a year, and I love all sports: soccer, basketball, volleyball, anything. I downhill ski in the winter, camp in the summer, and travel whenever I can. I'm hoping to get my Private Pilot's License soon. Looking forward to a fun summer!


Upperclass MIT women undergraduate students have a dual role: all serve as classroom Tutors and also live in the dormitory with the high school students. They assist the WTP Instructors in the classes, help chaperone residential life, extracurricular activities and field trips, and offer tutoring assistance with homework in the evenings. Rising juniors, seniors, and MEng are eligible. We have 9 Tutors for summer 2005: 3 each for EE, CS, and Math.

Danielle Braun — Math Tutor

(Junior, Math)
Hometown: Santa Cruz , CA

I just finished my second year studying math at MIT. I love math, especially applied math, and am really looking forward to being a math tutor for WTP this summer. This is going to be my first summer in Boston, and I think it will be fun to be in Boston when it's not freezing outside (I'm from California, so I'm addicted to warm weather). When I am not studying or working on problem sets, I love to cook, swim, and snowboard.

Joelle Brichard —
Math Tutor

(Graduating SB June 2005, Math and Physics)
Hometown: Quebec City

This is my third year being a math tutor for WTP...no need to tell you that I love it! I've been TA'ing freshman calculus in ESG since my sophomore year and it is still a blast. I love math and hope to be able to make you love it too.  I hope you discover there is much more to it than calculus. I see math as a game, so we'll have fun, I promise! I also love to dance and play the flute, hang out with friends and travel to visit my family, especially my niece and nephews!

Mariela Buchin — EE Tutor

(Junior, EECS)
Hometown: Half Moon Bay , CA

Hey everyone! I can't wait to meet all of you this summer. Right now I am finishing up my sophomore year in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I enjoy figure skating, boogie boarding, and playing volleyball and basketball. One of the things I enjoy the most is singing and playing the piano at my church and playing around with a guitar. I enjoy making things, whether it is cookies or circuits, and I like learning new skills and concepts that are neat and useful to the technological world.

Christina Chestnut — EE Tutor

(Senior, Mechanical Engineering and Music)
Hometown: Pelham , NY

This is my second summer as an EE tutor for WTP, and I'm really excited about it.  I'm not your traditional electrical engineer because I'm actually a mechanical engineering student.  The two disciplines are surprisingly connected, however, and you might also be pleased to have me around when you're working on your motor building project.  I love to cook (and eat), watch movies, and overall, just have a good time.  I look forward to meeting you all soon!

Joy Forsythe — CS Tutor

(Graduating MEng June 2005, Computer Science)
Hometown: Oneonta , NY

I'm very excited about being a computer science tutor for WTP again this summer. I just finished my Masters and Bachelors in the subject and look forward to helping people discover, as I did, that its not just about how to keep your computer from crashing and knowing how to install Linux. I'm from upstate New York but, aside from not seeing the stars at night, I love living in Boston . I've been involved with the school newspaper The Tech since I arrived on campus but I've only written one article. Instead of writing, I do production: layout, design and typography are my thing. The rest of my free time goes toward reading, cooking, and hanging out with friends. Next year I will be working for Oracle in San Francisco.

Christy Graham — Math Tutor

(Junior, Management & Math)
Hometown:  Coral Springs , FL

This will be my third summer involved in WTP.  In 2002, I participated in the program as a student.  In 2004, I was a residential assistant.  And this year, I'm excited to be one of the WTP math tutors!  We'll learn a lot this summer, but we'll also have tons of fun.  Boston has a lot to offer, so nobody will ever be bored.  I love going out for shopping, movies, ice cream, or just exploring Boston in general, so I promise to keep you entertained!

Jessica Huang — CS Tutor

(Junior, Mechanical Engineering & Management)
Hometown: Wayland , MA

Hi!  This will be my first year tutoring Java, but I was actually a participant in this program in 2002. (The first year WTP started!)  It's funny actually because my roommate here at MIT (Chirsty Graham) was my roommate at WTP, and now we're both tutors.  So, it just shows that friendships from WTP last! Anyway, a little bit about me... I'm on the varsity field hockey team at MIT and next year I will be co-social chair for the class of 2007.  I love food, sports, shopping, reading, foosball/pool, and just about everything! I'm really looking forward to having fun and learning this summer.  Can't wait to meet you all!

Katherine Klesch — CS Tutor

(Senior, EECS)
Hometown: Columbus , Ohio

This will be my first summer with WTP, so I'm excited to get started!  I took a computer programming class in high school and fell in love, so I'm studying EECS here at MIT.  I'm also a projectionist with the Lecture Series Committee.

We'll be showing some free movies over the summer, so feel free to come and check us out!  When I'm not studying, I like to write, sing, and hang out with my friends.    I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and helping you get a taste of life at MIT.  See you soon!

Yang Ruan — EE Tutor

(Junior, EE)
Hometown: St. Louis

In the fall, I will be a third year undergraduate student majoring in Electrical Engineering.  I am quirky. I appreciate good food, good music, and above all, good conversation.  I love drawing, singing, and dancing.  I believe that humor alleviates the tragedy of life.  I plan on getting more hands on with hardware as well as getting to know my linux better.  I am also doing quite a bit of traveling over the summer, including a road trip to California, hopefully.  My parents have actually moved to Boston , so I live in town now. 

Residential Director

The Residential Director is a woman PhD student in the MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science who lives in the dorm with the high school students and other residenial staff. She coordinates and supervises extracurricular activities, the orientation weekend, and is a resource for WTP students and staff. She is assisted by two Residential Assistants.

Karen Lee

Hi! I am a 3rd year graduate student in Electrical Engineering and my research focuses on sensory and wireless communication. I am extremely excited about being the Residential Director because I get to help plan lots of fun activities! My hometown is a suburb in sunny southern California but my undergraduate years were spent in the cold at the University of Rochester . I have a giant sweet tooth and I love to cook and bake. I like playing tennis, going for runs along the Charles River, and walking around Boston.

Residential Assistants

Two Residential Assistants live in the dorm and help with evening and weekend activities, but do not have classroom or tutoring responsibilities. These women students are rising sophomores who attended WTP when they were high school students.

Irene Duke

(Sophomore, EECS)
Hometown: Cincinnati , OH

I attended WTP two summers ago and it was one of the best summers of my life. I'm really looking forward to being a Residential Assistant this year. I just finished my first year at MIT and I'm leaning towards a major in EECS. I'm involved in APO, a national service fraternity, and Aero-Disastro, MIT's student juggling club. In my free time, I like to rollerblade, hang out with friends, and explore MIT and Boston.

Andrea Greb

(Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering)
Hometown:  Rochester Hills , MI

I'm thrilled to be a residential assistant for WTP 2005.  I was in WTP summer 2003 and had an awesome time and met a ton of cool people.  The motor building workshop was actually the reason I'm in Mech E now.  I'm slightly addicted to extracurricular activities on campus; I play lacrosse and am in way too many clubs for my own good.  I love to bake, dance, read, and most of all hang out with my friends in the little spare time I have.


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