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Summer 2003


Alice Oh

Computer Science Instructor

I am a third year Ph.D. student in Computer Science. For my doctoral research, I am interested in combining different modes of communication (language, vision, etc.) to enable natural human-computer interaction. I am also interested in many aspects of Artificial Intelligence. I was born in New York City and grew up in Seoul, Korea. I recently became a mom to a baby girl, Herin Jamie Lee, in August 2002. Before the full-time job of being a mom, I enjoyed cooking, reading and playing golf.

Reina Riemann

Math Instructor


I am a graduate student in Computer Science working toward a Ph.D. degree. I have broad research interests. Recently I have been involved with computational biolotgy. As an undergraduate I majored in both mathematics and biology at Columbia University in New York. I grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, but have family in different parts of the globe. At MIT, I'm the vice president of the International Film Club. I also enjoy doing yoga in my free time.

Katy Thorn

Electrical Engineering Instructor

I am a first year graduate student in Electrical Engineering department, working in the Harvard-MIT Laboratory for Computational Physiology. Lab research includes modelling heart functions and developing intelligent patient monitoring systems. My current project involves development of an online database to support various research projects within the lab and elsewhere. I received my undergraduate degree in EE from Georgia Tech last August. While there, I played viola in the symphony orchestra and was heavily involved in the student chapter of my local professional society. In my free time here at MIT, I enjoy reading, cooking and training with the MIT tae kwon do club.

Tutors - 2003

Joelle Brichard

Sophomore, Math
Hometown: Quebec City, Canada

I'm really eager to be a tutor for WTP 2003. I am a French Canadian math major, and I just transfered to MT after two years of college in Quebec. Until now, I have been unable to decide which part of math I liked best, it is all so fascinating! I love math, but I also love physics in which I major as well, and music in which I minor. I am currently a teaching assistant for the differential equations class (18.03) and I love to teach. In my free time, I dance in an MIT dance troup, play flute or just enjoy life.

Sharon Cohen

Sophomore, Computer Science
Hometown: Potomac, MD

Hi. I'm a junior studying Computer Science here at MIT. I'm interested in many things, especially algorithms and theoretical computer science. Last summer I did a research project at the Laboratory for Computer Science and I'm super excited to be working as a math tutor at WTP this summer. In addition to studying computer science, I'm also involved in MIT's Teacher Education Program. Outside of classes, I do a lot of volunteering, mostly with a group called Science Clubs for Girls at the King Open school in Cambridge. I enjoy running and swimming though I don't get to do them nearly as much during the term as I would like.

Joy Forsythe

Junior, Computer Science
Hometown: Oneonta, NY

I'm very excited about being a computer science tutor for WTP. I'm a junior in that major and look forward to helping people discover, as I did, that its not just about how to keep your computer from crashing and knowing how to install Linux. I'm from upstate New York but, aside from not seeing the stars at night, I love living in Boston. I've been involved with the school newspaper since I arrived on campus but I've only written one article. Instead of writing, I do production: layout, design and typography are my thing. The rest of my free time goes toward reading, cooking, rowing and hanging out with friends.

Meredith Gerber

Junior, Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Upper Arlington, OH

Last winter I participated in the Women's Initiative program run by Eta Kappa Nu, here at MIT. I really enjoyed giving high school women a glimpse into the Wonderful World of Engineering™, and I'm looking forward to continuing to do that this summer. My academic interests lie somewhere between biomedical engineering and signal processing and this term I am enjoying a class called Biological Signal and Image Processing. Last summer I did speech recognition-related research at Infineon in Munich, Germany, and I very much enjoyed the foreign setting. Outside of academics, I like to cook and I like to travel.

Vida Ha

MEng., Computer Science
Hometown: Boston, MA

I am just finishing up my MEng. this year and I was MIT class of 2002 for undergrad as a computer science major. I have been involved in a number of EECS Department programs, including working at IBM through the VI-A internship program, doing my Masters work in theoretical computer science as a Draper Fellow, and being an active member of Eta Kappa Nu, the EECS honor society. Outside of school I am involved in the Panhellenic Association (organization of sororities). I always make enough free time to get a lot of sleep and spend time with my friends. When I get a chance, you might find me enjoying a favorite pasttime of the moment, which includes photography, spinning, urban rebounding, kickboxing, or cooking.

Julie Kane

Junior, Math with Computer Science
Hometown: Naples, FL

Hi! I'm one of the very excited computer science TAs. My academic interests lie in theoretical computer science (algorithms and such) and my minor is astronomy (physics). Last summer, I worked on a project called StarLogo as a programmer and developer with the Teacher Education Program at MIT. StarLogo is a programmable modeling environment used to teach students about decentralized systems - systems without a "leader" - like flocking birds, traffic jams, etc. In my free time, I like to star gaze, read science fiction and fantasy novels, listen to music and hang out with friends. I'm also a huge fan of IM Ice Hockey (D-league ... the "I-know-how-to-skate-honest!" league :-) and rollerblading.

Rikky Muller

MEng., , Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Kirkland, Washington, but originally from Israel.

I'm a Masters of Engineering student in Electrical Engineering doing research in BioMEMS (we build electrical devices that aid in pathogen detection). I love theater, playing guitar, and singing. Visit my web site for more details.

Manda Riehl

Senior, Math
Hometown: Dickinson, ND

I'm a senior studying math at MIT. My main math interests are combinatorics, especially the multiple interpretations of certain sequences (like the Catalan numbers or the Bell numbers). I'm also in the Teacher Education Program at MIT, because I like to teach! I attended a summer program much like this one when I was in high school back in North Dakota, and it was incredible, so I'm really excited to be a part of this one. I will be starting my PhD in the fall of 2003.

Jessica Howe

Associate Director 2003

I am a second year graduate student in the Computer Science department and a WTP alumnus, having taught the math course last year. I work in the humanoid robotics and artificial life group in the Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT. I am finishing up my masters thesis now on a development platform for tiny autonomous mobile robots, and hope to continue doctorate work on evolution, genetic algorithms, and emergent behavior in decentralized systems. I am a Graduate Residence Tutor in an MIT undergraduate dorm (I love it!) and in my free time I play ultimate frisbee, hockey, soccer and dance salsa.

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