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Summer 2018

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If you are a high school student attending WTP-EECS this summer (or the parent of a student), please do not contact the individual staff below.

Instead, address any questions you have to wtp-eecs@mit.edu. Or wait a few weeks until we create the Facebook group for this summer, and chat with people there. Thank you!

Three female graduate students in the MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science design and teach the Women's Technology Program classes in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics for EECS.




R'mani Haulcy
Computer Science Instructor

Hometown: Chicago, IL


Hi! I'm a graduate student in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department. I work with Berthold Horn in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT. My research has to do with self-driving cars and I am currently focused on using bilateral control to suppress traffic instabilities (more information about my research can be found here). In my free time, I love to play music. I am a classically trained clarinetist and self-taught pianist and guitarist. I also enjoy reading, playing video games and engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing. I also love going to the beach and relaxing by the water.



Preksha Naik
Mathematics for EECS Instructor

Hometown: Corvallis, Oregon

Hi everyone! I’m Preksha. I am currently an MEng student in the EECS Department but my thesis work is with Professor Jesse Thaler in the physics department. My research involves working with massive amounts of public data released by CERN to do physics analyses. Outside of research, I like to watch movies, play tennis, read books, and play lots of card games. I am also always looking for excuses to try new restaurants. Really looking forward to meeting everybody this summer and doing lots of math!



Melany Sponseller
Electrical Engineering Instructor

Hometown: Camp Hill, PA


Hello! I’m a PhD student in the Organic and Nanostructured Electronics Lab here at MIT.  My research focuses on developing solar cells based on colloidal quantum dots, an exciting thin-film semiconductor material that could enable solar cells to be flexible, lightweight, and inexpensive.  In my free time, I’m a fan of running, ultimate frisbee, ice skating, Star Wars, and learning new languages.   I’m excited for another summer of WTP and am looking forward to meeting you all!



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Residential Tutors

Residential Tutors are current female MIT or Wellesley undergraduates, MEng students, or recent graduates. They assist the WTP-EECS Instructors in the classroom, and also live in the dormitory with the high school students, chaperoning residential life, creating fun activities and field trips, and helping with homework.


Shavina Chau
Computer Science Tutor

MIT Class of 2019
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Skokie, IL


Hi everyone! I'm a rising senior at MIT studying computer science, but I'm also interested in comparative media studies and game design! I enjoy reading, drawing, watching TV and anime, and playing games of all kinds. I'm also involved in my dorm government at Next House. My cooking and baking skills are quite mediocre, though I can make a great cheesecake. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you this summer!


Justine Jang
Mathematics for EECS Tutor

MIT Class of 2017 (BS), and MEng 2019
Majors: Computer Science & Mathematics
Hometown: Livingston, NJ


Hi everyone! I'm just starting my Masters in Computer Science at MIT this summer, and I came here for my undergrad. I took a gap year right after graduating and did a combination of working and traveling abroad in East Asia. I like to cook weird things, organize my own book club with some friends, and look at dog memes. Looking forward to trying new things and getting to know you all at WTP!



Kristie Lino
Electrical Engineering Tutor

MIT Class of 2020
Major: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Hometown: Somerville, MA

Hi everyone! I’m a sophomore at MIT majoring in electrical engineering and computer science. In my free time, I enjoy binge watching shows like The Office and Bob’s Burgers. I love eating ice cream, and I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd. I’m also involved with a student mental health group called Active Minds. Looking forward to the summer!



Caroline Martin
Electrical Engineering Tutor

Wellesley Class of 2018
Major: Physics and English
Hometown: Macon, GA



Hi y'all! I'm a graduating senior from Wellesley College, where I studied physics and English. After graduation, I'll be working to get my PhD in applied physics from Harvard. When I'm not busy in the lab, I enjoy reading 19th century novels, watching rom-coms, and arguing crazy cases for Wellesley's Mock Trial team. I so excited to meet everyone this summer!



Sienna Ramos
Electrical Engineering

MIT Class of 2018
Major: Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN



Hi! I'm a recent graduate from MIT, where I studied electrical engineering, minored in math, and concentrated in music. When I'm not building things or psetting, you can find me making music with my acappella group, going to art events around Boston, or reading. While at MIT, I've also spent time doing musical theater, building and playing with analog electronic music, and cooking for a feast! I'm super excited to be a residential tutor this summer, and I can't wait to meet all of you!




Pravi Samaratunga
Computer Science Tutor

MIT Class of 2018
Major: Computer Science and
Comparative Media Studies
Hometown: Weston, MA

Hello! I am a senior, doing computer science and media studies. I enjoy spending my spare time working on videogames and puzzle hunts, creating fun and cerebral exercises for my friends to enjoy. I also like doing a variety of other things, from cooking to community service to watching every episode of Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Here's to a great summer!




Sarah Weidman
Mathematics for EECS Tutor

MIT Class of 2021
Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Hi everybody! I'm a rising sophomore here at MIT, thinking about studying either environmental engineering or climate science (don't ask me which yet!). I'm interested in lots of things, from climate and archaeology, to eating good food, watching movies, casual dance parties, and playing board games and puzzles. I did WTP when I was in high school, and I'm so excited to come back to the program and meet all of you!




Priscilla Wu
Computer Science Tutor

MIT Class of 2020
Major: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Hi everyone! I'm a rising junior studying electrical engineering and computer science here at MIT. Outside of class you can find me in the pool with the swim team, or in one of our studios dancing with the Asian Dance Team. I also love drawing, reading, jamming on my guitar, and sleeping. I'm looking forward to meeting you all!




Maggie Yuan
Mathematics for EECS Tutor

MIT Class of 2018
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Acton, MA



Hi! I am a graduating senior from MIT. While I was an undergrad at MIT, I was on the executive board of a business club, various dance groups, and played on the frisbee team. I am a morning person who likes running as soon as I wake up but am occasionally a night owl who enjoys baking at 2 am. I can't wait to meet you all this summer!




Midori Zhou
Computer Science

MIT Class of 2021
Major: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Hometown: Chengdu, China


Hi everyone! I'm a rising sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. I'm also interested in child development and linguistics and have recently started doing research on speech patterns at the RLE (Research Laboratory of Electronics). Outside of classes, I enjoy cooking, playing the guitar, and folding paper. I look forward to meeting all of you this summer!




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Residential Assistants

Residential Assistants live in the dorm and assist with the final motor building project, but do not have other classroom or tutoring responsibilities. They help make a warm residential community, organize study breaks and other dorm activities, and lead weekend field trips into Boston and Cambridge.


Ginny Rosenberger

MIT Class of 2020
Major: Brain & Cognitive Sciences and Writing
Hometown: Foxborough, MA



Hi everyone! I’m Ginny, a rising Junior here at MIT, double majoring in Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Creative Writing. In my free time, I enjoy reading (mostly fantasy and science fiction books), listening to music (and singing along to it), cooking food (much yum), writing (usually fantasy stories and poetry), having long conversations (about random topics), and hanging out with friends and family (they make me happy). This will be my third summer either as a WTP student or staff member—the experience has been amazing each time and I’m excited to meet you all this summer!




Marissa Steinmetz

MIT Class of 2019
Major: Management Science and
Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Deptford, NJ

Hello! I am Marissa, a rising senior studying management science, and I will be one of your residential assistants for this summer.  I enjoy walking, shopping, and spending time with my two cats. Having lived in Cambridge for three years and having an eye for planning, I look forward to taking you on many memorable trips and organizing weeknight activities. It is my hope that you feel welcome and comfortable during your experience in WTP. Very excited to get to know all of you!



Alyssa Wells-Lewis

MIT Class of 2021
Major: Mechanical Engineering and
Computer Science & Engineering
Hometown: Princeton, NJ



Hi everyone! I’m a rising sophomore here at MIT, and I am absolutely ecstatic to be an RA for you all this summer! I love math, science, programming, and getting to work with my hands—and I’m also a HUGE music nerd. I’m in an A cappella group here on campus called Resonance, and I also play violin in the MIT Symphony Orchestra. I’ve made a lot of friends here at MIT so far, and I’m excited to meet all of you too and introduce you to the beautiful and fun cities of Cambridge and Boston!


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WTP Director and WTP-EECS Track Coordinator

Cynthia Skier

MIT alumna: SB 1974 Humanities and Science
SM 1981 Sloan Management
Hometown: Lexington, MA

I have been the WTP Director since fall 2002, after the first pilot summer. Before that I managed computer software companies and worked in management consulting. I love living in Lexington, where every April they reenact the first battle of the American Revolution on the town common (and we see Redcoats and Minutemen taking coffee breaks at Starbucks). My two children are grown and live in other cities. In my free time I like to sing, read mysteries, and watch old movies, especially film noire, musicals and science fiction. In addition to my WTP responsibilities, I also direct the Industrial Connection Program here in MIT EECS.

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